Air Conditioning

What is air conditioning?

Air conditioning is the modern way to regulate the temperature and air quality in your home all year round. Hot air is cooled in the summer, cold air is warmed in winter, and common pollutants are filtered from the air. Some systems even control humidity too.

As climate change leads to soaring summer temperatures, air conditioning is becoming a necessity, rather than a luxury, in most homes.
When your home is air conditioned you will not only feel more comfortable on a day to day basis, your sleep patterns, health and wellbeing will benefit too.
Working from home? Air conditioning with humidity control will help you to focus on the task in hand, improving your productivity, your mood and your motivation.
How does air conditioning work?
Modern air conditioning units are small, neat and as quiet as a whisper.  The air from your indoor space is drawn into the unit and passed over a set of cooling (or heating) coils.  At the same time the air is filtered to reduce mould spores, pollen grains and other pollutants. In some systems, excess water vapour is also removed to control the humidity in your home.
Why install an air conditioning system?

  • Regulate the temperature of your home all year round
  • Sleep better on those long, hot summer nights and wake up feeling refreshed
  • Great for keeping garden rooms and conservatories at a comfortable temperature
  • Helps babies, and young children and older people to regulate their body temperature
  • Filters mould spores, viruses and other allergens from the air for easier breathing and fewer respiratory health issues
  • Removes excess moisture and reduces the risk of black mould (selected systems only)
  • Discreet units blend into your home decor - no more ugly radiators or sooty solid fuel fires
  • Allows you to feel comfortable with the windows closed in summer thus helping to keep flying insects out of your home.
  • Highly efficient technology keeps energy bills under control
  • Creates comfortable conditions for working from home thus increasing productivity
  • Smart technology lets you control your home temperature from an app on your phone (selected systems only)

What does air conditioning cost?
You may be surprised to learn that the cost of installing and running a home air conditioning system is much lower than most people imagine.  Modern technological advances mean that the systems are very easy to fit and are very energy efficient. In fact, many of the systems supplied and installed by Advantage Air Conditioning have an “A” rating for energy efficiency.
System manufactures such as Mitsubishi, Midea, Fujistu, Daikin, Samsung, Panasonic and Toshiba are known throughout the world for their work in reducing harmful emissions in all of their products and processes. So your home air conditioning won’t cost the earth.
Air conditioning brands
Advantage Air Conditioning are registered installers for a number of leading brands. That means that we can provide you with the perfect air conditioning solution for your home and your budget.
Mitsubishi Electric
“The reassurance of quality. The definition of comfort.” As market leader, Mitsubishi Electric prides itself in delivering innovative, high performance and competitive systems with low running costs and emissions.
Midea is one of the world’s fasted growing companies offering the most comprehensive selection of products in the world to fully serve the needs of day-to-day living at home, at work, or anywhere else you go.
Air conditioners that combine latest technologies with user-friendly design are what make the Fujitsu General brand the choice of many customers around the globe, bringing greater comfort to indoor living and working environments.
Energy efficient air conditioning for your home. Daikin cooling systems boast the highest energy efficiency labels on the market. So you benefit from a total solution that provides outstanding comfort without jeopardising your energy bill.
Samsung’s residential climate systems are able to provide you with quiet, reliable and energy efficient air care for you home. No matter how much space you have.
‘A Better Life, A Better World.’ Panasonic is committed to creating a better life and a better world continuously contributing to the evolution of society and to the happiness of people around the globe.
‘Committed to People, Committed to the Future.’ The company commits to raising the quality of life for people around the world, ensuring progress that is in harmony with our planet.

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